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It took one environmental science class in college to completely change my way of thinking. Yup! One class made me start questioning everything. I learned about planned obsolescence, factory farming, renewable energy, plastic, and so much more. One of my assignments included taking a carbon footprint quiz. It wasn’t anything official, but I was still shocked by the results. I needed the resources of 4, yes, FOUR planets to keep my current lifestyle. I knew I had to make major changes. It’s crazy to think that one class in college (that fulfilled part of my science credit requirement) could change my life… and for the better! Since then, I’ve started to be an eco-conscious consumer. I realized how important our individual impact can be! We CAN help our current climate crisis. Policies need to change. Corporations need to take accountability for their waste and emissions. But together as individuals, WE CAN CREATE CHANGE. This is why Strolling Through Life is about sharing my eco-living tips and advice. No matter your background, you can help the planet. We cannot have equality until we have environmental justice. We MUST make changes for a better future for ALL of us. I'm here to help you along your sustainability journey!    

Hi, I'm Kristen – your eco-friendly content creator!

I'm a Disney-loving, pumpkin pie obsessed, go with the flow kinda gal with a passion for sustainable living. Did I grow up in an eco-conscious household? Heck to the no!

So, how did I start my sustainability journey?

I get it. I tried going zero waste and plastic-free a few years into my journey. I failed... miserably. You have to have an insane amount of self control (not to mention, access to bulk stores &  money for eco-friendly products). ZERO WASTE IS AMAZING! But, many people, like myself, can't reach that level of perfection that the phrase holds. It's nearly impossible to avoid all plastic in the 21st century. We can reduce our single-use plastic consumption a whole heck of a lot, but we don't have to be perfect. 

Having spent a lot of time through the trial and error of testing out zero waste products and trying DIYS, I've learned a thing or two about what works & how to live an eco-lifestyle. I'm here to help you avoid the ups and downs of living sustainably. (Those DIYS, in the beginning, were not for me lol). My mission is to provide you with easy beginner eco-friendly living advice, from reviews to tips, so you can have a successful sustainable lifestyle conveniently.

But often, you find it daunting, frustrating, and just too darn difficult.

You want an
eco-friendly lifestyle that is 
& convenient.

Great news, Earth-lover! 

I'm here to help you start living sustainably. 

I didn't start living eco-consciously overnight. It took many years to get to where I'm at today. But I'm guessing you're like me and would rather have low waste product reviews and easy eco tips in one place than have to figure it out on your own. I've got you covered!

You can live sustainably regardless of your current lifestyle, if you're truly committed to making our home better for the future. 

You don't have to have the perfect Pinterest boho eco home to be an environmentalist.

You don't have to be a scientist to want better for the planet. Although, being a scientist is pretty darn cool. 😎 

You CAN live an eco-lifestyle (even if it seems daunting). You'll be able to make sustainable eco habits in no time. I'm here to help you along the way!

You don't have to be perfect to live sustainably. An eco-friendly lifestyle will look different for everyone. 

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." -Anne Marie Bonneau (The Zero Waste Chef) 

Progress is better than perfection

You don't have to have a bulk store to live sustainably

We all can live an eco-friendly lifestyle

You don't have to buy zero waste swaps to live sustainably

People over profits

Planet over profits

Reduce single-use plastic consumption as much as you can

Sustainability looks different for everyone

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I'm Kristen.

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I'm a YouTuber, a TikToker, and a Blogger creating content about sustainable living. I'm here to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle for a better tomorrow.